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12 June 2009 @ 06:44 pm
i am really happy that i went to see a nutritionist abotu 3 weeks ago. she was very simple in what she told me, but it really overhauled the way i eat.

i didn't start by eating less, just by eating better. and whaddya know, i ended up less hungry. i am eating so much healthier right now, and that makes me SO happy! like really. i haven't stepped on a scale yet, and that's okay, because i am really happy witht he changes so far.

some goals for me right now:

-get some exercise in
-carry a water bottle around with me everywhere, drink more water.
-plan ahead: what will i eat when i go over to my finace's???

all is good right now... i really think i am FINALLY (what... 5 years now?) on the right track!
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15 June 2006 @ 09:56 am

two waffles with maple syrup and cinnamon
one glass of milk

two cups baby carrots with butter and sugar
one cup baked salmon

two cups pasta with tomato sauce
two chicken drummettes
some grean beans
fruit juice

total calories: 2179

*sigh* i'm back.
08 February 2006 @ 03:41 pm
went to a buffet today with ian...

afterwards he thought i was wearing two pairs of pants. nice eh? i am so tired of being fat.

i want to weigh 180 pounds by april 1st. why? cuz that's my initiation day with the sorority. i have to wear a white dress. i want my belly to stop popping out. i want my mom to make my dress but i don't want to be so ashamed of my measurements.

he was calling me pretty all day, but then he pointed to my belly and wouldn't drop it... he was sure there was something more under there cuz my pants weren't low rise


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02 February 2006 @ 09:13 am
i ate LOTS... didn't count cals. here's a recap:

friday: toast with jam, pizza hot dog, half a meat lover's pizza, five or so drinks
saturday: crepe with nutella and bananas, kfc chicken sandwhich combo, half a seafood platter, a few drinks
sunday: fried rice and chinese chicken balls, meatloaf, scallopped potatoes, ceasar salad, bread
monday: timbits, 4 slices of pizza, big mac and fries
tuesday: two slices of pizza, junior bacon cheeseburger from wendy's with fries and frosty, extra large hot chocolate from timmy's..
etc etc

sorry to make you other dieters cringe. i went on a road trip for the weekend to the fantasyland hotel in edmonton, and i wasn't about to diet on my anniversary...

oh well... back to day one!
01 February 2006 @ 09:11 pm
one big bowl of oatmeal crisp with skim milk

ham sandwhich with lettuce and cheddar cheese on multigrain bread
one croissant with loads of nutella
one cafe au lait

another croissant with loads of nutella and
another cafe au lait

baked salmon
vegetable casserole (potatoes, yams and carrots)

one once of fudge
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26 January 2006 @ 09:18 am
one slice homemade cheesecake
two slices of toast with strawberry jam
two glasses skimmilk

NOT a good breakfast at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25 January 2006 @ 09:17 am
one cup plain organic yogurt with sliced banana and honey granola
one glass skim milk

(i am getting very found of this breakfast. nutritious & delicious!)

workout:[5 minutes stairmaster][25 minutes circuit training][25 minutes elliptical]

baby carrots
meat samosa
large pita with hummous

combo platter from moxie's
half a white chocolate brownie
4 pounds gained back


total calories: 2877
24 January 2006 @ 10:01 am
one bowl oatmeal crisp with skim milk (ahhhhhhh i couldn't resist)
one mug herbal tea

8 chicken drummettes
5 flowerets of broccoli

workout:[40 minutes elliptical][5 minutes abs]

nachos with cheese and sour cream (sorority sisters fed me)
one cup mashed potatoes (i don't know why i ate this, i got home... i wasn't hungry)

total calories: 1670
23 January 2006 @ 09:46 am
one cup organic yogurt with one sliced banana and honey granola
one glass of milk
one mug of tea

one vote for NDP ;)

one and a half cups leftover baked chicken
one cup baby carrots
one large orange

some mixed nuts

30 tortilla chips and guacamole
7 chicken drummettes

total calories: 1608
22 January 2006 @ 12:09 pm
one cup of plain yogurt with one chopped banana and some granola
one glass of skim milk

chicken salad wrapped ina tortilla
baby carrots
one large orange

one peice of wedding cake (from the bridal fair)

total calories: 1865